What is a SIP Built Home?

We Build - An Affordable Duplex for two FamiliesWhy_a_Duplex.html

Reaco SIP homes specialize in building the model you see above, on or off the grid. We did this because we feel there is a market for this SIP built, energy efficient Green Cozy Home. It is a duplex with basement, a comfortable home for a couple or small family.

The underground floor would be a perfect area to expand upon.

Each duplex will have a private porch at the front and deck in the rear.

You have the option of living in one duplex and renting out the other to cover your costs, or purchase the home and rent the two duplexes out for rental income and equity appreciation over time with or without our Reaco Property Management service.

Our homes are manufactured with Structural Insulated Panels, (SIPs), a factory made wall system composed of Orientated Strand Board (OSB) that has been adhesively welded to a thick rigid core of expanded polystyrene foam insulation.

The BENEFITS of owning a SIP built home


More Comfortable - Even Heat throughout the building

Stronger and Safer - SIP Homes are 9X  stronger than a Stick Built Home

Faster to Construct - Build Time is reduced by 1/3rd compared to conventional homes

Straighter Walls -  No studs saves time for drywall contractors and cabinetry installs

Healthier Living - A tight and superior thermal blanket with an air exchanger = clean air

Save Money - Constructed in less than one month saving on construction costs

Greater Energy Savings - SIPs are virtually ‘Air Tight’ reducing energy cost by 50%

Wave of the Future - Demand for SIP houses is increasing, preserving our Natural Resources

More Design Friendly - Built to 1/8” tolerances versus Stick House tolerances of 1”

Long Lasting - Structural strength against Hurricanes and Earthquakes ensures Longevity

Easy Access Doors and Ramps - (36 - 42”) provide easy access

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